Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Dinners

Yes, dinners....plural.

Reese requested squids for dinner and Blake obliged. I on the other-hand have a healthy indulgence!

Squids are made by simply cutting up a hotdog in thirds and sticking long noodles through completely. Boil until noodles are done, serve with melted cheese or ketchup. In honor of St Patty's Day I dropped some green dye into the biscuit mix and their applesauce. They thought I was the coolest mom!

I have now had this dinner 2 nights in a row!

2 Hand fulls of spinach
1/4 mandarin oranges
1 oz feta cheese, I use reduced fat
2-4 oz chicken
1-2 Tbsp pecans or walnuts
1 Tbsp poppy seed dressing

Here's the secret. I watered down my poppy seed dressing. A serving of the dressing (which it happens to be my most favorite) is 2 TBS but has more than 200 calories. Why even eat a salad. If you water down the 1 TBS of the poppy seed dressing you reduce the calories significantly without losing the taste. Try it!

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